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Ensuring everyone is given a fair chance to access adult education.

For refugees and migrant’s socio-economic integration is essential for long-term employment, community participation and ultimately happiness. Adult education is just one of the critical roles in supporting an individual on their integration journey. However, the traditional, costly, ineffectual “chalk and talk” learning approach is outdated and no longer fits the skills market that is changing so rapidly. With the COVID 19 pandemic also dismantling much of the existing infrastructure, the hard to reach have been left even more isolated.

To address these challenges, an innovative approach is required. That is where the IEEDO project comes in! Securing funding of just over €300k through Erasmus+, the project aims equip refugees and migrants with the skills and knowledge for digital self-learning. Thus, building resilience through innovative customised eLearning resources. The project will also support adult/ community education providers and tutors, to reduce the disparity individuals face in European adult education.

Project Partners:

ACH is an award-winning social enterprise providing a range of innovative and impactful support and integration services for refugee, BAME and migrant individuals. Since 2008, the company is resettling over 2500 individuals yearly by providing secure housing, culturally sensitive support and vocational training (provided by its training arm- Himilo). We focus on building individuals’ resilience in the labour market, upskilling and supporting refugees into sustainable, higher-level employment to develop their independence and ease their integration into UK life. We now employ over 80 members of staff and deliver services in the West of England, the West Midlands whilst offering advice and assistance across the UK and beyond.

Folkuniversitetet is an adult educational association that offers a wide range of adult education all over Sweden. Folkuniversitetet runs numerous internationally oriented activities such as language courses, courses abroad and projects with an international emphasis. Our idea is to give people the tools to have a richer life through knowledge and creation. At the International department at Folkuniversitetet we run international projects that focusses on introducing new teaching methods into adult education, including the latest developments in ICT, providing both formal and non-formal educational opportunities and offering specific support for various disadvantaged groups. Our mission is to act as agents to transfer innovation between Folkuniversitetet and other European countries by initiating our own projects or participating in transnational activities coordinated by others.

MetropolisNet is a unique network of organisations developing and implementing local strategies for employ­ment and social inclusion in European cities. MetropolisNet assists inter-city and inter-organisation collaboration in promoting the local, regional, and transnational dimensions of EU policies on local development. It links large European cities in the context of the EU 2020 strategy and promotes information exchange and good practice on re-integrating disadvantaged groups in the labour market. Members of MetropolisNet are located in Berlin, Dublin, Marsailles, London, Rome, Tampere, Vienna and Larissa.

Rinova Ltd is an employee-owned social enterprise that specialises in the design, development, implementation and evaluation of economic, cultural and social innovation programmes. It specialises in the areas of lifelong learning (VET, adult and community education), arts and cultural inclusion , employability and entrepreneurship. It is based in Canary Wharf, London and it also has a ‘sister’ Spanish company based in Malaga, Spain. Rinova employs some 30 staff and specialist associate trainers, coaches and advisers, and co-ordinates a consortium of London-based training, youth, learning and enterprise organisations (Colleges, Local Authorities, NGOs, independent and private providers, enterprise agencies). Its work is focused on the fostering of social inclusion through innovation, engaging with a wide range of disadvantaged and excluded communities through its provision, which includes major programmes supported by the Mayor of London’s Office and the Greater London Assembly. Rinova is approved by the UK Education and Skills Funding Agency Register of Approved Training Organisations, the UK Register of Learning Providers and is a qualification centre registered centre for the awarding of ISO17024 (Certification of Persons) for guidance practitioners and job brokers.Rinova is active in EU programmes, including Erasmus+, REC, Interreg and others. Its transnational work has been recognised and awarded ‘best practice’ on multiple occasions.  It is one of the few UK intermediary organizations for Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, the COSME cross-border exchange programme.

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